On October 6th, we pay tribute to Canada's greatest live dance televsion show. From 1988 to 2003, Electric Circus took over Friday nights and inspired every damn person to move to Toronto, stand outside in the elements and dance like Monika Deol was watching. All this in the hopes of being hand chosen to join the lit AF Much Music dance party inside. 

This Queer tribute to Electric Circus will recreate the magic on First Friday in true Winnipeg fashion. There will be dancers. There will be questionable fashion. There will be a host, live interviews and more. Feat QPOC Winnipeg DJs.

First Friday Late Nights at Forth- 171 McDermot Ave, starts at 10pm and goes late. 

Multi-Level Party
Projected Film / Feat local QTPOC Dancers / 
DJs Supershonek/ Chairman Au/ Vantablack / 

Come Dance!

Gender Neutral Washrooms
Unfortunately this venue is not wheelchair accessible
All Dope Human Welcome