• Forth (map)
  • 171 McDermot Avenue
  • Winnipeg, MB, R3B 0S1
  • Canada

Fundraiser for Sunshine House's Foodbank for Queer Refugees Collaboration with QPOC Winnipeg

A special edition of "Sourdough for Starters" intended specifically for the queer community. Gather up yourself, your lover(s), your friends for a romantic night learning the basics of sourdough bread baking.

Queer identities are not celebrated enough, and are under represented in the main stream, so it's important to create spaces where we can be with each other. Exclusive spaces - often difficult to understand for those who are excluded from them - are critical for the survival, health, and growth of communities that are systemically marginalized, and taught to self devaluate, they are spaces where folks can see themselves represented, can take up space, and be understood. 

"Sourdough for Starters" is a 2 hour workshop dedicated to getting you going on adding the flavour of Sourdough Bread to your life!
In this interactive workshop we teach you how to:

- Create and maintain your sourdough bread starter
- Mix and bulk ferment sourdough bread
- Scale, shape and slash your sourdough
- Steam and bake your bread at home

Included in the workshop is:

- Take home information on the 7 steps of sourdough
- Your own sourdough starter to take home
- A dough scraper (a baker's best friend)
- Proofing Basket and Towel
- A loaf of sourdough bread to bake at home

*If you are unable to attend but still wish to donate to the foodbank - please get in touch!*